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NEW! Updated 28 November 2017: Added Summer 2017 cruise around Nova Scotia to the Sailing page.

Updated 20 August 2017: Replaced sailing photos in the photo gallery to show off our beautiful new sails.

Updated: 20 February 2017 Added Summer 2016 cruise: Salem Massachusetts to the Canadian border to the Sailing page.

Updated: 24 March 2016 revised Trailer page. Latest on Kodiak disc brakes after 5 seasons of use.

Updated: 29 February 2016 Divided Champlain-Hudson-Long Island Sound cruise into 4 parts to improve readability.

Updated: 8 February 2016 Added 2015 Champlain-Hudson-Long Island Sound cruise to the Sailing page.

Updated: 19 April 2015 Added 2014 St Lawrence cruise to the Sailing page.

Updated: 3 July 2013
Added cockpit lockers and midship mooring cleats to the Details page.

Updated: 10 October 2012 Updated Building, Trailer pages.

Updated: 30 March 2012 Added 2009 trip to Northumberland Strait to the Sailing page

Updated: 03 October 2011 Added rudder and tiller to the details page

Updated: 15 Mar 2011 Added Granny Pram to the Details page

Updated: 4 Sep 2010
Added video clip to sailing (2010)

Updated: 11 July 2010
Added video to details/mast raising and sailing (2008)
Added disk brake update to trailer page

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